Most Popular (Street Food)

Tuk Tuk Samosas (V)

Crispy pea & potato Punjabi pastry


Roadside Bhaji (VE)

Onion Fritters


Samosa Chaat (V) (D)

Chickpeas & samosa doused with mild yogurt, tamarind & mint chutney


Aloo Tikki Chaat (V)(D)

Chickpeas & aloo tikki (potato patty) doused with mild yogurt, tamarind & mint chutney


Vada Pav (V) (VE)

Mumbai's favorite street food snack. A sweet & spicy deep-fried potato ball served in a bun.


Pau Bhaji (VE)

Classic street food dish, mashed potatoes & peas served with buttered pau


Bhel Puri (VE)​

Classic street food dish, mashed potatoes & peas served with buttered pau


The Chicken Pakora (GF)

The beginner's choice: lightly spiced chicken strips deep fried and served with tamarind chutney.​


Momo (GF)

Chicken & vegetable Dumplings


Chicken Seekh Kebab

Ground chicken marinated with spices


Platter (Street Food)

Pani Puri (VE)

Hallowed semolina puri, potato garbanzo mash, cumin tamarind water


Pakora Platter​

Assorted fritters - chicken pakora, roadside bhaji , samosa , aloo tikki​


Entrees (Build your own Entree)


Freshly made

All entrees are gluten free.

All entrees served with rice.

Choose Spice level : Mild, Medium, Hot

Add either Meat / Veg :

Options:                       Lunch/Dinner

Vegetable                   $9.99/$12.99  

Paneer                        $10.99/$13.99

Chicken                      $11.99/$14.99

Lamb                          $13.99/16.99

Shrimp                     $13.99/16.99

Saag Walla (D)

Cream of spinach & spices

Kreamy Korma (N) (D)

Almond & cashew cream sauce

Malai Kofta (N) (D)

Peppercorn & fenugreek cream sauce (*Traditionally served with veggie meatballs-Koftas, but substitutes available)

Raste ke Biryani

Biryani just the way you would find it by the roadside!

Mastee Masala (N) (D)

The original tikka masala sauce

Railway Station Curry

Traditional curry

Zesty Jalfrazi

Onions, bell peppers, savory homestyle sauce

Kumar's Chettinad

Southern coconut curry


Chilli Chicken $13.99

Indo-Chinese spiced chicken morsels

Butter Paneer (V)(GF)(D) $12.99

Paneer cubes cooked in a creamy buttery sauce with fenugreek

Gobi Manchurian (VE) $12.99​

Cauliflower sauteed with soy and garlic glaze​

Bhindi Masala Fry (V) $12.99

Medly of Okra, Onions, Peppers w/ ginger and garlic

Chicken Tikka (D) $13.99

Seasoned chicken breast, baked to perfection

Saag Walla (D) $12.99

Cream of spinach with spices (with vegetables)

Tandoori Chicken (D) $13.99

Seasoned bone-in chicken, baked to perfection

Railway station curry $16.99

Traditional curry ( Lamb )

Mastee Masala (N) (D) $11.99

The Original tikka masala sauce (Chicken)

Raste ke Biryani $13.99

Biryani just the way you would find it by the roadside!

Chicken 65 $13.99

Curry leave, fennel seeds

Channa Masala (VE) (GF) $11.99

Chickpeas braised in onion gravy, a very popular street dish

Punjabi Daal Makhni (V)(D)(GF) $12.99

Signature black lentil curry cooked with kidney beans

Simply Daal Tadka (VE)(GF) $11.99

Yellow lentil with cumin and ginger/garlic

Butter Chicken (N) (D) (GF) $14.99​

Creamy chicken dish cooked in buttery sauce with fenugreek​

Chicken Seekh Kebab $9.99

Cylindrical patties made with seasoned ground chicken grilled on a skewer

Zesty Jalfrazi $16.99

Onions, Bell Peppers, Savory Homestyle Sauce (Shrimp)

Kreamy Korma (N) (D) $14.99

Almond and Cashew cream sauce (with Chicken)

Malai Sauce (N) (D) $11.99​

Peppercorn cream sauce with fenugreek, originally served with kofta (vegetable meatballs)

Desserts & Drinks

Gulab Jamun (V) (GF) $5.99

Gulab jamun is a milk-solid-based sweet fried & dunked in flavored syrup.

Saffron Rice Pudding (Kheer) $4.99​

Rice pudding made by slow cooking rice in milk with addition of fragrant ingredients like saffron , cardamom, rose water.​

Mango Pudding $4.99​

Popular cold mango dessert recipe prepared during summer season or mango season​

Dessert of the day (Weekend Only) ($Varies)

Made by chef , mostly seasonal like Kulfi

Mango Lassi $4

Mango Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry Lassi $4

Strawberry yogurt smoothie

Mango Juice $3

Thums Up $3

Limca $3

Sprite $2

Coke $4

Diet Coke $2

Dr. Pepper $2

Coffee $3

Indian Hot Tea $3

Chai $4

Wine $25 (A bottle) $7 (A glass)

Red, White, Rosé , Sparkling

American Craft Beer

Ithica Everyday IPA- Hazy (On the tap)

Indian Craft Beer

Kingfisher (On the tap), Mahraja, Taj Mahal, Bira Blonde , Bira IPA (Bottled)


Smart Water, Sparkling Water, Bottled Mineral Water


Garlic Naan (V)


Naan (V)


Extra Rice (VE) (GF)


Raita (D) (V)


Mint Chutney (VE) (GF)


Tamarind Chutney (VE) (GF)


Mango Chutney (VE)


Mixed Chutneys


Desi Salad (GF) (VE)


Soups & Salads

Simply Dal Soup (VE) (GF)

Lentil Soup


Tamatar Soup (V) (D)

Tomato Soup


Chicken Maggi Soup​

Slurplicious Chicken Noodle Soup​


Sambar Soup (VE) (GF)​

Sambar Soup (VE) (GF)​


Chicken Tikka Salad

Mixed greens with chicken kababbs and house dressing


Shrimp Tikka Salad

Mixed greens with shrimp kababs and house dressing


Mixed Garden Salad

Mixed Garden Salad


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